Monday, March 21, 2011

20 Reasons to Love My Day

I need to give credit where credit is very long overdue. I give credit to the 20 beautiful faces that I see each day, to the 20 hugs, and 20 smiles, and 20 silly stories. I give credit to the 20 minds that are open to what I teach, and the 20 hearts that love me even though I am not perfect. So, here's to the 20 children that have stolen my heart and who have it forever.

1. B-I love what a great artist you are and I love that you share your talent with others!
2. A-I love how cheerful you are everyday! I love that you try when it gets scary and hard! Never give that up!
3. K-I love what a wonderful friend you are. You look to the heart of a person, and not their outward appearance.
4. L- I love your enthusiasm for life. I love your beautiful smile...missing teeth and all!
5. J-I love your stories and that you want to share them with everyone! You are so creative and intelligent!
6. R-I love your style! Keep rockin' those pink boots!
7. H-I love your willingness to do whatever I ask. You never complain, even when life gets hard.
8. C-I love how hard you work and how perfect you strive to be, even when you don't feel good!
9. S-I love your hugs! You have such a wonderful, sensitive heart that makes me happy each time I see you!
10. G-I love how you keep everything in order, and how you have the best handwriting I have ever seen!
11. A-I love all of the pictures you have drawn me! My life is more colorful because of you!
12. S-I love that you love science, and that you find enjoyment reading science experiments!
13. X-I love your laugh! Especially the little giggle you give when you realized that you called me mom.
14. A-I love your honesty! You are a great example to me of courage even when it isn't easy to be courageous.
15. N-I love how hard to you try at everything! You work so hard even when things don't come easy!
16. B-I love that you are my little secretary. You help me keep it together. I couldn't do it without you.
17. A-I love how beautiful you are! I love that you aren't afraid to be silly, and that you know when it is time to be silly and when it is time to be serious.
18. S-I love how meticulous you are. You keep everything neat. A person after my own heart!
19. L-I love how unique you are. You are my little Stargirl. Never change!
20. I-I love that you and I can talk about sports! BYU Basketball all the way!

Thank you for teaching me how to love better.
Thank you for teaching me courage in a scary world.
Thank you for making me feel like a cool teacher...even when I feel like I am not.
Thank you for changing my life.

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