Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've Crossed Over... the "grown-up" side. Yesterday I called my mom. We talked for 27 minutes and 17 seconds. All the while I kept thinking a strange thought, well, not too strange, but I kept thinking about when my grandma and mom would talk on the phone .I remember just sitting and listening to their conversation wondering what grandma was saying on the other end and only being able to decipher part of the conversation based on what my mom's responses were. I then thought about how I am doing the same thing. I am calling home to talk to mom. I wonder if anyone sits on the other end wondering what we talk about. Probably not though because the boys don't care about that stuff...they just interrupt and ask regardless of the phone. They are lovable though. Anyway, I think calling home is a grown-up thing. I call home for help on W-2's, insurance, how long to boil eggs, what the difference is between salted and unsalted butter and if that really matters, I call to brag about my cooking conquests (which is really just to show my competence because I think home sometimes wonders),and I call to ask about moral dilemmas. These are grown-up things to do. Grown-ups ask their parents. It is the responsible thing to do, and grown-ups are responsible. My kids better call me too.

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