Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Smells Like 2nd Grade

I haven't felt very witty lately, hence the lack of a blog post in a few weeks. A lot has happened though in these weeks since I talked about how going to the movies stresses me out. I started teaching again. This is my second year teaching second grade. Is that like a golden birthday or something? I spent most of the week leading up to school starting in my classroom preparing things for my new students. It felt good to get my hands and mind busy after a summer of general malaise and lack of productive behavior, except for when I supervised Michael while he painted our guest bedroom and the living room.
Back to school. I have seen these three little words written on a myriad of cardboard advertisements and not so funny Staples and Wal-Mart commercials. For some it probably brings a sense of dread. I on the other hand, revel in the the school supply shopping. Nothing says "Back to School" more than buying a new notebook, backpack, pens, pencils, filler paper, tabs, calculator, etc. It is a regular wonderland for me. I love the colors, the straight lines, and the organization! Anyway...back to school, for real.
Wednesday and Thursday night was sort of a back to school night where I teach. As I was meeting and greeting and all that, I happened to overhear a 6th grade boy walk into the other 2nd grade classroom and say, "it smells like 2nd grade!" What does that even mean? I didn't know that 2nd grade had an odor. I know that 6th grade has an odor, but definitely not my little 2nd graders. I have been mulling this thought over in my mind for about a week or so and today it hit me, literally. Second grade smells like poopy pants and bad breath.

More to come....

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