Friday, July 23, 2010

Shouldn't This be Fun?

The last few times that I have been to the movie theater I have started to notice a trend...going to the movies stresses me out! Is it my age? Am I slowly progressing towards the "no patience for anyone, or anything" side?  I feel like I am going through a puberty of emotions. I don't remember feeling this way when I was younger. Let me explain.
I stress out about tickets. I feel like I have to buy them a day in advance just to be sure. There is nothing that kills the mood more than showing up to a movie only to see that little sticker that says, "SOLD OUT". I hate that sticker. What comes after the sticker is even worse. You stand there like fools trying to decide if you want to see something else, or if you should wait another three hours just to see the next not only are you wasting the ticket seller's time, but also the large, impatient crowd lined up behind you. Solution: We usually pre-buy our tickets. I have common sense.
Once inside the theater, Michael and I quickly choose our spot. We like the middle with the bar because you can rest your feet on it. So we are usually the first people to arrive at our showing, and pick the best spot accordingly, but there are occasional times where we aren't the first inside. This is fine, the low lights are still on and there is still plenty of seating, so we choose the next best spot for us, and sit down. Not that difficult, except this is where I really start to stress. As the theater starts to fill up, spaces with two and three seats together are hard to come by. I always get the feeling that someone is going to ask me to scoot over to the people next to us that we don't know, so that these late-comers can easily take the seats on the edge. No. I am not having that. I came on time to choose the spot that I want to sit in. If you and your girlfriend want to sit together, come on time! Don't tell me to move over when I made the extra effort to get my seat. What really irks me is that the whole front row is still available, but these morons think they are too good for a neck ache. If you ask me, they deserve to look up the whole movie for not making any effort to come on time. That is what late people should get.
Can you tell that I am very passionate about this subject?
One last thing...don't invite me to see a movie with you if you want me to help save seats. I'm not doing it. I hate all the crusty looks I get when I tell people that the 40 seats around me are saved...and I just hate answering the question, "is this seat taken?" It kills me.
The most enjoyable part of the movie going experience is when the lights go dark and the previews start...because I know that the crowds of idiots looking for seats dwindles down and I don't have to worry about the ulcer forming in my stomach for the next hour and a half.
I know how this guy feels.

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