Friday, March 26, 2010

Where are you chocolate pudding pie?

The other day Michael came home saying that 7 Eleven had some really good mini fruit and pudding know, the ones like Hostess makes, except 7 Eleven had their own brand and they put lots of sugar on the outside of the crust. That night happened to be date night, so I mentioned going to 7 Eleven to get one. We went to the one in Springville by our house and do you think they had a chocolate pudding pie? No. Not one. They of course had gross cherry, and lemon, and peach...but no chocolate. (I won't even touch a pastry if it has some sort of fruit concoction in the middle. It has to be chocolate.) The next week we were grocery shopping at Fresh Market and I decided to take a look at their chocolate pudding pie inventory. Nothing again, except for the Little Cutie brand, but it only takes one bite to finish their pies, so it didn't tempt me (but I came away with a few to quench my hunger for the real deal until I could find where they have been taking cover.) Last night we went to Wal-Mart to buy a printer, and again, I thought we should check to see if they had any of the illusive chocolate pudding pies. Goose Egg. Today at lunch, I brought my knock-off chocolate pudding pie, but regardless of the cute size and smiley didn't do anything for me. I felt cheated.
Wherever you are regular-sized chocolate pudding pie, I will find you. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but sometime. The hope of finding you brings with it the promise of a sweet reunion.


  1. Hi there! This blog post made me laugh and made me want to find a chocolate pudding pie for myself. I don't know if they even have them here in AZ.
    I was just cruising fellow Jane Austen fan blogs and found yours.
    Good luck on the pudding pie!

  2. WE live by 7-11 and yes... we moved just so we could be close to 7-11. We love it. Sitani's birthday is even on 11-7. Coincidence? I think not. Yup we are seriously keeping them in business. Haven't tried the pies yet, though. We will be making a late night stop tonight. I'm with you on the chocolate thing.