Monday, June 7, 2010

Go Green! Blah Blah Blah...

I go through cycles in my media viewing. They usually last about a month or so, and then I move on to the next bit of viewing pleasure. Last month was Jane Austen Appreciation Month...before that it was Tribute to BBC...but this month has been Hooked on HGTV. Like how I title my cycles? Since I have been out of school and work for the summer, I decided it was time to tackle all of my projects at home. What better place to start than by watching HGTV? As I started watching some of my shows I began to notice a recurring theme with the programming and commercials...everyone was mentioning how "this" was green design, and "that" was all about going green, and how "these" materials were environment friendly, and blah blah blah. Everything seemed to be oozing "green". Basically... I am tired of hearing it. Can I just watch my design program please and know that when they mention green that they are talking about the color that they are painting the walls? Maybe this post was ignorant...I don't know, but "going green" is making me claustrophobic and wanting to puke green...or maybe spend the green?

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