Friday, April 16, 2010

Did you stay up late last night?

At our school, during lunch, they allow the older students to be hall monitors. These "hall monitors" sit in chairs at designated areas with usually a book, and a notebook and pencil to take the names of students who are breaking the rules during the lunch period. I have had the pleasure of witnessing the work of these glorified narks, and I must say that I am not impressed. A lot of the times they are sitting in the chairs with their friends standing around, friends who should be at lunch recess, laughing, and acting tough, as most sixth graders think they are, but alas, the monitors allow their friends to do so in the name of power.
Today, just after the lunch bell rang, the nark and his cohort came into my class saying that Student B, yes that student, was reading in the hall and wouldn't leave. Apparently, Student B saw another student sitting in the hall reading, and thought he could too...I mean, why not, so after being asked to go back outside, and his not doing so, the monitor wrote is name down as a threat. Wow. This is compelling stuff. Let me get to the reason for this blog...So being the responsible teacher that I am, I called Student B over to give him the spiel on obeying the rules and doing what the monitor tells him to do, when Student B says, "Did you stay up late last night?" In my mind, I am thinking, "Excuse me?" So proceeded to ask him why. His response..."You have dark circles under your eyes." Thank you Student B. I appreciate the fact that you like to point out and also bring out the worst in people.

I think he is out to get me.

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