Friday, April 23, 2010

I hate rainy days

Contrary to what you might think, I love rainy days. My title is the complete antithesis of my views, except for today. Let me explain.
Last year, while I was still in school, I had a class where we talked about how we can teach children how to handle their feelings. Someone likened it to different types of storms. For example, getting to school late would be compared to little raindrops, whereas losing a parent or a loved one would be considered a hurricane. Helping students to categorize their feelings with something they can understand seemed to be a good way for them to gauge their feelings and how to react to those moments in life.
This morning, I let Mischa out to stretch before Michael took him outside to go potty. I was so distracted with doing my hair that I failed to notice that Mischa Boy peed on our duvet cover. Complete soak through. So not only did I have to wash the cover, but the nice down duvet underneath. Thank goodness for Ikea and their washable duvets...I didn't want to drop it off at the cleaners. So that was how my morning began.
It gets better...due to my car being in Provo, Michael took me to work today...we were a little bit late because of the disaster this morning, so I got to school a tiny bit late for my cone duty. At this point, it is a complete downpour...on the outside of course but I am still keeping it together on the inside. Michael helped my to my classroom with some juice and cookies because tomorrow is my birthday and I thought I would bring treats to share with my class. He was carrying the juice, I was carrying the cookies. Next thing I know, the juice is on the ground. The bag broke. (I knew I should have double bagged it like the check out girl did last night at the grocery store.) Anyway, one of the lids broke off and we lost a little bit of juice as well as the lid, so know I have three quarters of a bottle of juice with no lid to share with my class. At least I had another right? Moving on. As Michael and I are dealing with the juice fiasco, one of the little girls in my class comes and says, "My mom says that we are going to have juice and cookies today!" Great. Thanks Mrs. So and So for ruining the surprise. (I happened to be behind her in the checkout line last night...we talked.) So where am I at at this point in my morning? Bad things happening: 3, Good things happening: 0. Oh yeah, I have cone duty this week. That means that I have to set out the cones every morning for a little safe cross walk/bike path for our students because I was fortunate enough to get a job at a school that didn't have those things. So the teachers have to sacrifice their morning time to do that job. As I was heading back out into the rain to do my duty someone offered me their umbrella. Let me interject that I was in a pretty bad mood already and I let my pride get in the way from accepting this umbrella from someone that I already had a little bit of hard feelings for, so I said no. Zoom to this moment right now. I am quite damp and I smell like a wet dog. You know, I prayed this morning that I would have love and patience in my heart for my students and I have been really tested today, but the last thing I feel is that love and patience. I was looking forward to today. To sharing my birthday with my class, to being upbeat and happy to be here. But I am having a little bit of a rainy day on the inside and the rainstorm on the outside didn't help anything.
At least their is silver lining to my morning. One student remembered my birthday. He brought me a treat and note. I started to cry. Those were good rain drops. Maybe today will turn out.

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