Monday, April 5, 2010

Working Together

Michael and I recently received some information that was rather unpleasant. We owe the beautiful state of Utah $653.21. To help ease the agony of emptying our pockets of what seems like all we have, I decided to take on some extra work during my spring break at PC Provo, owned by our good friend Paul, and in the same building as Arco Lock and Key...where my Dearest works.
This morning, Michael and I got up together, left for work together, and worked in one room, he in the other. It was nice knowing that he was just 10 or so feet away working hard for our family, and that I was in another trying to make a contribution to the Rawle Household deficit.
I knew that I would relish my time with Michael...but I was somewhat surprised to find out that he did too.
I got this text later on in the day after I had left.
"It was nice having you close by today :) I liked it a lot! XOXO"
I guess we will have to review the rules for interoffice relationships. I will speak to the Manager of Arco...I don't think he will object...he even might support PDA.

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