Thursday, May 20, 2010

Egg Drop Perfection

I don't feel good today. It first started yesterday at school. My throat got that tight feeling way in the back, and after I had finished making Michael's birthday cake, is when it really hit me. My body was all aches and before bed I had teeth chattering shivers and then uncomfortable sweating. I hate getting sick.
Today, to make me feel better, Michael brought home some Egg Drop Soup from Rice King! I feel that this is the only thing that makes one feel better. It is perfection in a styrofoam container. No chicken noodle soup here. Whats even better...I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I should think that I will be the envy of the faculty room. If you've never been, stop by Rice King on Center Street in Provo. Its not very aesthetically pleasing, but it is the best Chinese food that you can find around. I always order D7, but with Lemon Chicken instead of Sweet and Sour is divine.

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