Saturday, May 8, 2010

Results Guaranteed

I am always on the hunt for the easiest way to do something that is a necessary...i.e. shaving legs, cooking dinner, folding laundry, washing the car, etc. On my latest stint into the neighborhood Wal-Mart, I came across these little gems...HairOff Instant Eyebrow Shapers. At first, I was skeptical, what could these little stickers possibly do? My eyebrows hang on for dear life...but again, I hate waxing, and I hate tweezing even more, so I bought them. Let me interject some info that might be important here...once when I went to a salon to get my eyebrows waxed, the cosmetologist said that my eyebrows were really difficult to pull out. If a professional had trouble, I knew some $4.00 box of sticky strips that purported to give me results wouldn't do much. When I got home, I thought I would give this product the best possible chance for success, so I took a shower, washed my face really good and made sure that my eyebrows would be receptive to this newcomer. So without hopes of great looking eyebrows, but an open mind to try anything that makes this task easy, I stuck them onto my unforgiving face.
I couldn't quite come up with words to describe what happened next, except that they worked! It took me a few more shapers than I am sure the average person would need, but they worked! I love them! It took me about 5 minutes to clean up the nightmare that was happening above my eyes, and it was a total time saver, except that now above and below my newly shaped eyebrows I have redness and swelling...par for the course I suppose, because my name wouldn't be Morgan Shumway Rawle without some crazy side effect, or just really sensitive skin. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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  1. Wow! I gotta try these! My eyebrows are currently a disaster area!